Dating a Brit

When I went to the Netherlands I was told never to date someone who is Dutch because they’re a weird breed of people, well so are the British. There’s a stereotype when it comes to British men (particularly English), which is that they only show emotion when it comes to their horses and dogs. I have never heard of this saying, however when racking my memory I have a distinct recollection from my boss talking about her experience when dating an English man. They would walk through town and he would walk with his hands behind his back, and wouldn’t hold hers. The British in general are much more friendly than Americans, while it seems Americans are much more open to showing emotion in public.

I for one am not a fan of PDA, no one needs to see you snogging, but there is nothing wrong with holding hands, hugging, or a quick kiss. So I’ll be damned if this bloke doesn’t hold my hand while we’re in public. After our first outing I was wondering how stereotypical it was for British men to be like this. I was not disappointed.

Articles on articles  on how British men will not hold hands in public, and how they’re so polite, in-fact my English bloke was so polite I had no idea if it was typical British politeness or whether he was interested (obviously we know how that turned out), and every time I read something that rung a bell I snorted. Eventually I brought it to the attention of my current significant other, that he wasn’t holding my hand in public, that he wasn’t showing much affection other than in private. Surprise surprise! His father is the same way, so that’s three strikes GB you’re out.


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